Emotional Scale

Our Emotional Scale is an attempt to apply logic into various emotional levels (or vibrations) that can be structured into a nice rainbow colored 7 stages on a scale from negative to positive emotions. Our Focused Upliftment Now workouts are leading users from their current emotional stage up to the highest VIOLET level, which Abraham followers call "vortex", "high flying disk", and others call it "my happy place", "in the zone", etc. Use your best judgement and intuition to find where your feeling or thought truly belongs on our scale. It's very important to make sure that your choice resonates with you.

The worst Very bad Bad So-so Good Very good The best
I just can't I doubt I can I wish I can I don't know I hope I can I think I can I know I can
Depressed Angry Sad Empty Hopeful Cheerful Ecstatic
Worthless Unvalued Not good enough Nothing Good enough Valued Worthy
Fearful Afraid Anxious Bored Relieved Liberated Free
Powerless Vengeful Frustrated Tired Accepting Appreciating Empowered
Hating Distrusting Disliking Indifferent Liking Trusting Loving
Miserable Stressed Annoyed Hollow Pleased Excited Happy

Emotional Scale Test

The purpose of this test is to familiarize you with our emotional scale and its emojis. In addition, you will get a clearer idea about your dominant emotional level. Read each card and write down the color of your answer. At the end, go back and see which color dominates, that is your current emotional level.

1. How does the picture below resonate with you?

VIOLETI totally agree!
INDIGOI agree!
BLUEI hope so!
GREENI don't know...
YELLOWI disagree
ORANGEYou must be kidding!
REDNo way!

2. Does this sentence resonate with you?

Life is just great!
You are joking!
BLUEI disagree
GREENYeah, but...
YELLOWI somewhat agree.
RED It's worse...

3. Finish the sentence in the picture below.

INDIGOI appreciate!
BLUEI hope is worth it!
GREENI don't care any more.
YELLOWis boring.
ORANGEis frustrating.
REDI hate.

4. Assume, you knew someone called Barnie, who you hated. Imagine someone asks you:

VIOLETI love Barnie!
INDIGOBarnie who?
BLUEHmm, we could be friends...
GREENI don't know what to think...
YELLOWI wish I never met him.
ORANGEI hate him!
REDHell with him!

5. Finish the sentence in the picture below:

GREENI don't know...
ORANGEunder attack!

6. Does the sentence in the picture below resonate with you?

INDIGOI believe it!
BLUEI like that!
GREENhow do you know?
YELLOWI have doubts.
ORANGEBull shit!
REDI hate this affirmation.

7. Finish the sentence in the picture below:

INDIGOconstantly improving!
ORANGEvery bad.

8. Answer the question in the picture below:

VIOLETI know that universe is always on my side.
INDIGOI'm more than hopeful!
GREENI can't decide.
YELLOWNo, I'm worried.
ORANGENot at all.
REDI'm desperate, not hopeful.

9. Finish the statement in the picture below:

VIOLETlovely! I bless it!
INDIGOhelpful. I appreciate it!
BLUEok. I accept it.
GREENit doesn't matter.
YELLOWsad. I am regretful.
ORANGEhurtful. I am resentful.
REDbitter. i am powerless.

10. How does the picture below resonate with you?

VIOLETAnd I am eager for more!
INDIGOYes, yes, yes!
GREENI feel nothing.
YELLOWNope. Not happy.
ORANGEBite me!
REDLeave me alone.

What is your current dominant emotional level?