Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does the abbreviation FUN stand for?

Focused Upliftment Now

Focused Upiftment Now - with online coaching program

2. Why FUN works® ?

When you are aware of your negative thinking and you know about the Law of Attraction, you want to train your mind to move toward positive thinking. FUN works® helps you gain the necessary skills to do that. It is a program that offers you questions and uses your answers to generate customized uplifting feedback, which gradually lead you to feel better.

Our questions are - Focused - on your self-exploration. The more you think on the focused questions, the more you clarify your desires and resistance to them, and the more you become ready for positive changes.

Our automatically generated streams of better feeling thoughts - Upliftment - are developed from selected collections of best coaching practices. They include the everlasting wisdom of Abraham Hicks, the emotional scale of the FeelGoood app, the healing structure of tapping and other resources.

Our FUN works are available for you online - Now - for use 24/7. It also provides you with daily email notifications to do your FUN work, because success comes to people when they reach alighment with regular FUN works.

With focused thinking, a daily FUN work, and customized uplifting programming, you develop new positive thinking, new higher emotions, and positive momentum. Then inevitable positive manifestation occurs. That's why FUN works.

3. What does the free trial include?

For 21 days you can use one of four categories (People, Money, Body, Me). You can generate, edit and print the individualized content to reread at your convenience. You can work on as many subjects about your life as you wish in the category of your choice. In addition, you can actually earn money by actively participating in the referral program (See question 7).

4. What does the emotional chart do?

The emotional chart is a VISUAL aid that shows the important subjects (grids) of your life as colored sections on a pie chart. The intensity of your feelings toward those subjects is shown as colors of each slice. How much time you spend thinking about a subject of focus - is the width of the slice. How important those subjects are for you - is the length of the slice. Below the chart we provide you with our analytical summary to help you estimate correctness of your "pie of life", and we give you recommendations on where to start.

You can tweak your chart by correcting subjects and their corresponding scales until it feels to be a truthful representation of your dominant and specific vibes.

5. What is the difference between and other online tools?

According to our knowledge there are affirmation apps that provide you with positive affirmations only, which may not resonate with your current emotional state. Our program GRADUALLY leads you from negative or any other current emotional state to better feeling thoughts. The theoretical basis is taken from Abraham Hicks' teachings about the Law of Attraction and the gradual shifting of your dominant vibration.

Compared to other coaching programs, provides you with online coaching, that is fairly inexpensive, unlimited self-explorative sessions, scheduled at your own convenience, and always effective if you are a dedicated focuser.

Unlike other programs, our FUN works give you enough time to improve your mindset and it will remind you to continue if you stop. We want to make sure that you develop positive momentum, so you can achieve your dreams and goals.

6. Do you guarantee my success?

Yes. We are 100% confident that you will be uplifted after daily FUN work. Or your money back! We guarantee that if you put your time and effort into your daily upliftment you will reach alignment with your desires. We are so sure that you will be satisfied with the results that we are willing to pay your money back if you aren't.

7. What is the Referral Program and how do I make money with it?

The Referral Program enables you to make money with our program, when you refer other people and they buy subscriptions. The beauty of the Referral Program is that you do not need to purchase anything yourself to refer other people. When you sign up you are already a member of our Referral Program. By using your referral code and giving people your referral link, you make a percentage of the sales when the people you refer buy a subscription. When those people refer others, and they buy a subscription you get a percentage of each sale. This goes on for five levels, no more. Your referral network is limited, which guarantees that this is NOT a pyramid scheme, and may provide you with legitimate passive income. You can refer as many people as you want. In fact the more you refer, the more passive income you make. Help people find a reliable program to raise their emotions, and have FUN growing your financial fredom with FUN works®!

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