How FUN works

Focused Upliftment Now, FUN. How does it work?

You have a desire. Now you need a focused upliftment of your thoughts and emotions in order to fulfill your desire. It is because when you launch a desire you most likely experienced the opposite to your desire, or noticed an absence of what you want. And this experience manifested in your physical reality. It represented your current dominating thought and emotion, or energy momentum, which accumulated over time in your life. Now, when you are clear that you have a new desire, you should accumulate a new energy of your thought and emotion in order to materialize your new desire. But, a majority of people aren't aware of this process.

The process is in the focus and upliftment. When you are not focused, your thoughts are sloppy and you get sloppy results. Once you are focused, you keep deliberate attention on your desire. But many people try too hard and abuse the "deliberate" part of the equation. Therefore, the key is in "upliftment". What do we uplift? It's not about the positive affirmations or meditation. It's about the ENERGY of your thought and emotion, the frequency of which you are fine-tuning, the vibration of which you are increasing, the emotion of which you are lifting higher to feeling better and better.

How does this work in human words? What do we have as a tool? We have thoughts. First we have a thought about the contrasting experience that causes us to launch a new desire. We start with the thought and we look for another thought that would feel better, a better feeling thought, or simply a better thought. Then we deliberately keep our focus on more better feeling thoughts in order to start and maintain the momentum, where the energy of our desire will eventually dominate. The image below explains how focused upliftment works.

It's a process. The process of moving up the emotional scale through better thoughts, to better feeling, to feeling great, to feeling inspired, to inspired action. The momentum will take care of your desire. Just do it now. Start it now. Maintain it now. Hold it now. Don't give up! Do Focused Upliftment Now. It's FUN. It's fun!